LOESS is an exploration of Bedoiun.

Created by husband and wife team Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi, the brand takes direct inspiration from their bedoiun heritage through research and recreation of traditional shapes.

The bedoiun of the Arab world lived, and in some cases continue to live, a life of movement and minimalism. Every item owned and transported brings a new burden as well as blessing.

Collection 1: Sun Up features an all hemp line-up. Naturally dyed with the traditional plants of the Arab world, these organic colours imbue the fabric with functional attributes - high wicking, anti bacterial, anti microbial, and temperature regulating. 

Taking cues from traditional hand-me-down pieces, the range includes embroideries, hems, fastenings and even entire items all sewn together by hand by skilled needleworkers.

Photography by Max Barnett (@maxbarnettphoto)